If you prefer geometric shapes and anonymous characters when playing a mobile game, this new one available for Android devices might capture your fancy. In the tradition of games like Pacman and the classic Nokia game Snake (well, to some extent), Spectrum is a platformer with abstract challenges in an abstract and stylized world, where your character’s only motivation is to reach the portal at the end.

No, it’s not a bowling ball with a tail or a micro-organism or some other thing which we refuse to name here but you’ll probably think of when you see the game trailer. We actually don’t know what it is, but it’s a three-eyed entity dressed all in black, being chased by various geometrical challenges. You need to dive and jump past these obstacles to win and get to the end. You can either use the tilt-based or touch-only controls to play the game and it is also compatible with MFi controllers in case you feel like using an external controller.

Each level has three objectives and the whole game is made up of 60 levels, which gets more challenging one after another. There are also 6 different environments to play on, all made up of the “colorful minimalist aesthetic” which makes the game more appealing for those who prefer that over the complicated, loud and sometimes confusing graphics of other platformers. If you’re feeling competitive, you can check out how you’re doing in the global leaderboard.

Spectrum is available for purchase at the Google Play Store and it will cost you just $3.29. There are no in-app purchases necessary so that initial cost will be your only expense when playing the game.