Sony has a couple Android tablets coming to market and so far we have spied them on video already. One of the tablets is the Sony S2 with dual screens that folds and the other is the more normal looking S1 with a 9.7-inch screen. We already know that the screen is a 1280 x 800 resolution unit and Sony took care with the design for comfortable use. Early reports pegged the S2 at 649 euros.

If you like the idea of the S1 and are in Europe word is surfacing that the tablet will hit pre-order in September. That is only about a month and a half away at this point. ThisIsMyNext reports that it has laid eyes on documents that the tablet will pre-order at Sony Center stores on September 1.

Apparently, the Sony stores will be training their staff heavily to be able to answer any question on the tablet and to teach users how to use the S1 as well. The price hasn’t been confirmed at this time. The S1 has crossed the FCC for the US as well, but a pre-order or launch date hasn’t been announced.

[via ThisIsMyNext]