The QuadRooter malware reminded us about how “secure” Android is and why we should stay with Google Play. As it turned out, the old ‘Verify Apps’ feature could already prevent such from attacking your phone. We’re not really worried about the new vulnerability on Qualcomm-powered Android phones but to be sure, we’re interested to know what OEMs are doing to counter future problems.

Samsung has released a recent security patch but we doubted that it contained something for QuadRooter. Knowing Samsung, it may only be delayed and that a fix is already underway. We don’t want companies to downplay this issue so we’re glad that Sony Mobile is making steps to address the vulnerability. The Japanese electronics giant is one of the first we know working on a possible fix but we’re expecting others will follow suit. If not those brands, then maybe Qualcomm too.

Sony Mobile has been working to make the security patches ready with regular software updates. The next round of update should contain a Quadrooter security patch to ensure there won’t be any compromises or breach in mobile privacy, safety, and security.

Sony Mobile sent out the following statement on the recent Quadrooter Android vulnerability. Read on:


“Sony Mobile takes the security and privacy of customer data very seriously. We are aware of the ‘Quadrooter’ vulnerability and are working to make the security patches available within normal and regular software maintenance, both directly to open-market devices and via our carrier partners, so timings can vary by region and/or operator. Consumers are recommended to continuously upgrade their phone software in order to optimize performance of their Xperia smartphone. Users can take steps to protect themselves by only downloading trusted applications from reputable application stores.”

Sony Xperia phone owners should just wait for the next software update and expect some Quadrooter security patch to be part of it.

VIA: Xperia Blog


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