If you use or have your eyes set on a new Xperia Play smartphone Sony is set to sweeten the pot if the game playing chops of the smartphone weren’t enough alone to lure you in. Sony has been running its Music Unlimited service on the PS3 for a while now that offers access to streaming music from the web.

That music service comes in basic and premium flavors at £3.99 and £9.99 monthly respectively. As of today, Sony has noted that the service will come to the Xperia Play smartphone. Sony also left the door open for the service to come to other Android devices and at this point, there isn’t a hint of whether it will be limited to Sony Ericsson Android phones only or if it will be offered via an app for any brand device. I suspect it will be for any device.

Sony notes that the idea behind the service is to allow the user to use their PlayStation ID and the wallet tied to that account to pay for the service. If you aren’t familiar, the basic service offers streaming of genre specific channels while the premium service offers more channels and the ability to play any of the 6 million tracks the service offers on demand.

[via eurogamer]