First be sure to take a peek at Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA Arc in our hands-on video, then come back and take notice at something that may be freaking awesome – the possibility of a massively multi-touch screen handled by a Cypress TrueTouch-digitizer. This group has three kinds of digitizers in it’s TrueTouch family, the CY8CTMAxxx, CY8CTMGxxx and CY8CTSTxxx. The first is a Multi-Touch All-Point which can withstand up to 32 simultaneous loading points – this is the one they found in the TGBUS teardown.

Do you know what that means?

It means wacky games for everyone! In the following clipping from the Cypress product page it says both “any number” or touchpoints as well as “32 X / Y sensor inputs” – so who knows how many it’s actually got. More than likely the “any number” thing sort of comes from the idea that a human being has… you know… ten fingers. Take a peek at that clip here:

Multi-Touch All-Point constructed Touch ™ projected capacitive touchscreen controllers (CY8CTMAxxx) support Single-Touch and Multi-Touch All-Point (Simultaneously interpreting Any number of independent points on the screen) touchscreen applications with up to 32 X / Y sensor inputs and Screen sizes 5.4 and Below. They allow functions Such As Keyboards implementa tion, input things multiple locations Into a GPS, playing video games on a mobile handset, and making multiple Adjustments to sound and / or video settings on a PMP.

> Multi-Touch All-Points Touchscreen Solution with unlimited touches

> True Touch ™ family’s newest product Delivering unparalleled performance 

> Criticality acclaimed village Many large OEM Customers 

> Ability to track movement of individual fingers 

> Best-in-class average Power Consumption, scan time, refresh rate and accuracy was 

> Provides the most flexible user-interface design solution

[Via Swedroid]