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Sony brings hi-res audio to Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra


While smartphones and music streaming services have made it much easier for us to have access to music on-demand, there has of course been some “sacrifices” made, particularly in terms of sound quality. You can’t listen to the song as the artist intended you to because of the limitations of smartphones. But Sony says you actually can and they’re bringing the technology to their Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra to give users the High-Resolution Audio that they deserve.

On its own, the two smartphones already have “clear and amplified audio” because of several audio technology built into it, like the Smart Amplifier, the ClearAudio+ and Clear Bass. But they’re bringing it one step further by introducing High Resolution Audio and the DSEE HX Technology to give you a more immersive listening experience with your favorite music. You can listen to the details of all the instruments in the song, just the way it was originally intended for you to listen to.

DSEE HX, which actually means Digital Sound Enhancement Engine, is able to turn the compressed files of a simple MP3 into near High-Resolution quality. But to fully experience how the tech transforms the music, you’d be better off listening to high-res song files like FLAC or WAV. There are several music services that you can download these high quality songs from, like Super HiRez, HDtracks, ProStudioMasters, etc.

The hi-res audio files have lossless compression so that the original data from the recording of the track can be reconstructed through digital processes. If you’re not so much into the audio thing, the basic MP3 and your favorite music streaming servce are probably enough. But for those who are particular about sound quality, then having this tech on your smartphone may be something to look forward to.

Both Hi-Resolution and DSEE HX will be rolled out to the software updates of the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra. To be able to appreciate Hi-Res audio though, you would need to have compatible headset to go along with it. No news if Sony will bring these tech to other Xperia devices later on.