Why settle for an app that simply lets you pretend to have night vision when you can have the real deal. Introducing the Snooperscope, a wireless camera you can attach to your smartphone that allows you to see things in the dark or things not easily visible to the naked eye, for less nefarious purpose, hopefully.

Snooperscope is basically a wireless night vision camera like any other. The difference lies primarily with how it works in tandem with a smartphone. The device itself pairs with a smartphone on the same WiFi connection. Then using the accompanying app, users will be able to tweak Snooperscope’s settings. The phone then acts as a viewfinder and monitor and can also record videos or take snapshots.

One might wonder what uses one has with a night view camera. It might take a bit of creativity and imagination, but there are indeed some valid applications for the Snooperscope. In particular, it can be used for scientific purposes like observing objects or animals during night time. It even has some use during daytime, where some objects become transparent when viewed by Snooperscope. There are also some fun to be had with the device, like seeing all the infrared tracking dots projected by the Microsoft Kinect. You can watch Snooperscope’s Kickstarter pitch in the video below.


Snooperscope has successfully reached it’s funding goal of 40,000 GBP, or around $65,500. There’s still about 6 days to go before the campaign ends so you can try to grab one by pledging $69. Once the Snooperscope goes on retail, it will sell for $99.

SOURCE: Kickstarter
VIA: SlashGear