Snapchat users, especially the newer ones who just got on the network, have probably had some difficulties when searching for content within the app. The confusing layout and the fractured search interface have not been helpful at all and if you’re not used to all the swiping around, then you may have torn your hair out in frustration at one time or another. But now they are gradually releasing a new update that brings a universal search to the app, making it easier to find existing and new content within the app.

Previously, you could only search for specific conversations, accounts to follow, and Stories or Discover channels, but all in different places. But now, you have a more streamlined and faster search experience, which may or may not have anything to do with Snapchat’s recent acquisition of mobile search startup Vurb. The universal search bar is always at the top of the app and you will be able to look for content in a message thread or a story or even look for accounts as well.

From the search bar, you can go to your own profile by tapping you Bitmoji. If what you’re looking for is a contact, you just tap on the auto-suggest card or search result and you can immediately start chatting. You can also tap on their Story thumbnail to start watching their photos or videos in full screen. Long press will let you view their mini-profile. You will also be able to see search results for Discover channels and Our Stories.

Brands, businesses, and influencers will probably be benefitting from this as they try to build an audience within the app since it is now easier for users to find and discover them. This can also be a revenue opportunity for the brand as they can get advertisers who want to be placed at the top of the search results or even as search suggestions in the interface. But Snapchat refused to comment if eventually there will also be ads in the search or any other future plans.

VIA: Tech Crunch