Back when we all had normal or “not so smart” phones, we whiled our time away either by endlessly texting our friends or marathon playing a game called Snakes. It was simple and graphics were basic, but it was oh so addictive (and difficult at times). Now game developers have “resurrected” that game and given it an RPG twist in the new Android game, Snake Defender.

If you want to enjoy the old school snake game without the added complications of defending your planet from enemies, then you only have to choose the classic mode. But if you want more of a backstory and giving your snake extra powers, then you can go with the career or endless mode with enemies. While you’re eating up the nodes all over the place, enemy ships will be shooting at you and you can shoot back at them as well. There are 10 different missions in the game wherein you face different kinds of enemies, all bent on destroying your planet.

To give you extra boost, you can add more nodes to your snake, or even change the kind of nodes you have – shooting, node-factory, or energy node. You can switch back and forth from among the 3, depending on your current need. There are also three ways to control the game, either through a virtual joy pad or by swiping or touching.

And if you’re feeling a bit competitive, there is a world ranking of players so you can see where you are compared to your friends and everyone else in the world who’s playing. Snake Defender can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, but with in-app purchases available.