While you’re probably enjoying your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge (or so we hope), there are times when you probably wished that you had an actual keyboard that you could connect to your device to make certain tasks like emailing a long letter or messaging several paragraphs to a loved one, a little bit easier. Well, you now have an answer to that wish as you now have SlimType, an NFC powered smartphone cover that just so happens to have an integrated portable keyboard.

If you’re mobile, sometimes you don’t have the opportunity or the means to bring out a laptop or something with a bigger screen. But now with SlimType, you will be able to do those more “complicated” tasks like sending emails, writing down a quick blog post, or jotting notes in your class by typing on the built-in keyboard that is part of the smartphone flip cover. Other great things about it is that it doesn’t need batteries, it is wireless, and of course you can connect through NFC.

All you have to do is place the phone on the cover, install the app, and voila, you have your smartphone with a keyboard. Since it uses NFC, your device and data is more secure than over WiFi and Bluetooth. The Slimtype is 145.55mm in height and 2.5mm thin and will come in three colors: Black Sapphire, White Pearl and the more eye-catching Cherry Red.

Obviously, the Slimtype will only work on a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge+.. You will be able to buy it through their website and as an introductory offer, it will only be at $39. No word yet when this special offer will end.

SOURCE: SlimType



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