Skype is here to stay. A number of instant messaging clients for both mobile and desktop have already come and gone but Skype remains to be one of the most popular programs. Just in case you didn’t know, it is now owned by Microsoft so expect to find the app in most Windows-based computers and smartphones. Of course, this communication is also readily available for Android, allowing more people to connect with one another.

Just recently, Skype was updated to allow group chats. A unique link can be shared as invitation to people to join the fun. This link can be sent via email, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook Messenger. Even if the other person doesn’t have the Skype mobile app, he can still join via Skype for Web. There’s no need to sign up because the link shared is enough to get him in.

There are many things you can do with Skype group video chat. Family members who are in different locations can now do video calls together. Professionals and artists can collaborate on different projects together even virtually. The world really is smaller now with technology. Who knew that people can meet virtually and dance together like these three artists as featured in this video below?

Natsuki Miya, Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, and Marie Bonnevay did a group video call together to demonstrate how the new Skype feature can bring people even if they’re in different places. The film demonstrates how they share dance moves over a medium that they admittedly use regularly for work and personal communication.

skype group chat dance

All three are regular Skype users. Marie uses Skype on her phone to talk to family who lives in France while Netsuki uses it on her computer to communicate with hers in Japan. Cyrus uses the same on his laptop to connect with loved ones. Being busy in their craft doesn’t deter them from connecting with people who matter. Thanks to Skype for allowing them to maintain their ties with family and friends back home.