Despite the proliferation of many messaging apps out there, for those that prefer video conversations with family members and colleagues, Skype is still the communication app of choice. Skype Version 7.0 for Android now comes with huge updates particularly for the tablet version, as it now brings a Material Design look and UI for the bigger Android screens, as well as multi-tasking features, better search, and an easier way to invite your contacts to use Skype.

When Material Design came to the Android phone version of Skype, users reported a better experience when using the mobile app, so it was only natural that they apply the same for the tablet, but more enhanced to maximize the screen size and the multi-tasking capabilities of the devices you use. It now sports the familiar Floating Action Button (FAB) to make it easier to send messages, start voice and video calls from the main screen.

Most of us have to multi-task even when on Skype and the latest update makes it easier for you to do so. Just put your device on landscape orientation and you’ll see your multi-pane view. So while you’re on a voice or video call, you can still send messages, look for relevant files to your conversation (or even non-relevant, if you’re bored or something).

Searching for your contacts, chats, groups, and the ever helpful Skype bots is now easier as the update brings improved universal search. When you also sign in to your account, your device’s contacts will be added to your Skype contact list and if they’re still not using the service, you can invite them to do so. The update is rolling out for users, so go to the Google Play page to update yours.