If you’re not so familiar with how some gadget accessories manufacturers work, then you’re probably surprised every time a new major smartphone is released and then suddenly, just the day after, there are already accessories available in the market. Sometimes they successfully “guess” while at times, they have a major fail. Well, it looks like some 3rd party case makers experienced the latter when it comes to the cases they produced for the new Nexus 6P as they inadvertently blocked the laser auto-focus feature of the new smartphone.

Usually, these manufacturers are able to make their cases and other accessories in time for the official launch of gadgets because they base it on pre-release leaks. And while some of these may be pretty reliable, there are some aspects of it that may not be known until the OEM officially announces it. These are risks they have to take. But sometimes, these risks don’t pay off like in the case of the Nexus 6P. The autofocus sensor wasn’t clearly shown in leaked images since there was a black bar on top of the phone.

When the official videos and clearer images came out, it shows that the sensor was to the right of the flash. And the “official” folios and cases had a camera cutout past the flash so that it won’t block the autofocus sensor. However, the 3rd party manufacturers have cases now that covers the area next to the flash. This will prove a problem and may affect the autofocus powers of your Nexus 6P.


Of course they could remedy that when production of later products happen. But some are already listed as available and are already shipping to consumers. And even though the Nexus 6P won’t arrive until later this month, there are some who already do order accessories for their upcoming devices. So the lesson learned here for the user is either go with the “official” accessories or wait until the manufacturers get the specs right before spending money on them.

VIA: Android Police