If you are a hardcore Android geek that happens to be a fan of Sony Ericsson and like pics of devices in the works check this out. A photo of what is supposed to be the Sony Ericsson Nypon or LT22i smartphone have leaked. These are obviously prototype pics since the smartphone is nothing more than a screen on a board of some sort in testing.

The Nypon is expected to be the next generation of Android devices for Sony Ericsson. SE plans to go all Android next year so we should be seeing more from the firm. The phone is expected to use a 960 x 540 pixel resolution qHD resolution display. The device is also supposed to run Ice Cream Sandwich.

The processor in the smartphone is supposed to be a NovaThor U8500 running at 1GHz. That processor will do a good job with 1080p video and has HDMI and USB support. The processor also supports 10MP image sensors, but the smartphone is not expected to get a high resolution camera. You can also see video of some test boards running the U8500 processor.

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