Is it just me, or is SNL not quite as funny as it was a couple of years ago? Maybe that is because nothing can beat the Will Ferrell cowbell skit in my mind. Either way, this weekend the folks from SNL decided to let Google Glass take the stage, and they had a bit of fun at Google and other tech fans expense.

We’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about Google Glass lately in the news, especially with Google I/O just a few weeks away where surely Google will be giving us plenty of additional Glass details. This comedy skit would probably be better if we never were subject to that shower with glass photo, but to each his own.

As we all know, Google Glass has received its fair share of praise and criticism in the media lately for the neat things it does, and all the things it cannot. The cast from SNL decided to take advantage of this clearly being an early product for developers only, and pokes fun at Google and Glass for a good few minutes. Enjoy!

That was quite the roast right? I don’t know about you guys but I found it to be pretty hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing at the neck jerks. It does pose a certain question about how realistic Google Glass really is. In case you didn’t notice, we got our own pair of Google Glass in this weekend, so get ready for plenty of details coming soon. So did you like this SNL skit?