Satechi has announced their latest product offering, the Bluetooth Smart Pointer. And while the name may not draw all that much in terms of excitement, when you think of the pointer as a remote, there is a bit more to talk about. That said, the Smart Pointer is compatible with Android devices and brings a multimedia mode and a presentation mode.

Both of these come as they sound. The multimedia mode will allow you to control your Android running smartphone or tablet from a few feet away. In multimedia mode you will be able to do things such as increase/decrease the volume as well as play/pause tracks and skip forward or reverse. In addition, multimedia mode will also allow the user to trigger the camera, which may be good for taking group shots — that also have you in them. The camera can be triggered by hitting the enter (play/pause) button on the remote.

In terms of the presentation mode, this is said to work with a “variety of programs” and will allow you to advance through, or jump to specific slides in your presentation. The remote also has a built-in laser pointer while in presentation mode.

The Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer is currently available, priced at $44.99 and can be found with Amazon as well as direct with Satechi. The remote is available in two colors, black or grey. Finally, those with multiple operating systems may be happy to know that the remote is cross platform and will work with Windows as well as Mac computers and even iOS.

[via Satechi]