The video interviews that Samsung showed during their unveiling of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 are leaving bloggers scratching their heads. It seems that the interviews, which depict a real estate CEO, are faked. Harry McCracken thought something was up when he noticed that the interviews show a CEO named Joseph Kolinski raving about his 8.9″ Galaxy Tab. How could he have one when Samsung itself only had non working models at CTIA? But the mystery deepens.

In the video (about 25 min in), the Joe Kolinski featured in the interview is actually a New York Actor of the same name, and not a real estate CEO. But the plot thickens, as a friend of McCracken’s slowed down the video posted on YouTube. He saw a magazine cover that looked a lot like Time Magazine, which McCracken writes for. And when you enlarge the text of the interview of our faux real estate tycoon, who’s name is misspelled, you find the text of a review of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab that McCracken wrote! And it wasn’t even a glowing one at that.

So to sum up. Samsung makes a video interview of a fictional real estate tycoon, raving about a tablet that isn’t even functional, and featured in a fake magazine that misspells his name and reviews a real working tablet, only the text is from another magazine that actually exists. Are we up to date now? But since it was a marketing video designed to introduce the new tablets at CTIA and not a real commercial, it really isn’t something to get all worked up about. But it’s certainly strange, to be sure.

[via Technologizer]