It’s always pretty exciting whenever we hear from Samsung’s startup business program Creative Labs because we know they always come up with creative ways of using technology to make lives easier, or at the very least, more interesting. 25 projects have already been turned into actual businesses and for this year’s announcement, 5 more startups are being supported by the Korean OEM. These newest cutting-edge products have something to do with beauty and kids and other daily uses.

The five products were introduced at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show and also at last year’s ABC Kids Expo. Bebefit is a carrier for the young ones that makes life easier for parents and safer for the babies and is of course also connected to the parents’ devices. Chikapong is a toothbrush for kids that will help them develop better dental habits while at the same time make it fun for them. TagPlus is an Internet-connected device that can be connected to actual physical toys, bringing together digital and physical play time.

For the beauty-related products, we have S-Skin, a home skin-care device that will help analyze your skin and give you solutions to problems you may be experiencing, dermatology-wise. Lumini meanwhile analyzes your skin and then recommends cosmetics based on your skin composition, because not all products are created for all skin types.

The five products are now going to be independent from Samsung and will have to incorporate the feedback from customers that they have received so far to further improve their business. They will be introduced to the market soon, although nothing specific has been announced at this time.

SOURCE: Samsung