We have been hearing bits and pieces that touched on Samsung and wireless charging over the past several weeks. There has been chatter about the Galaxy S IV launching with wireless charging support and we also saw the Qi charging pad in a recent FCC filing. As of today however, we have a bit of detail on a new receiving circuit for wireless chargers. This new circuit has been co-developed by Samsung and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

Technical details for this circuit note that it is based on magnetic resonance and uses a frequency of 6.78MHz. The maximum output is said to be 6W — more than 10 times higher than previous technology. Further details note the circuit as having a maximum transmission efficiency of 86 percent (with an output of 3.4W). Perhaps key for the average person though, this circuit is said to be aimed at use in mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.


At this point the only solid details include the fact that this was introduced and some of the specs. For example, in addition to the frequency, maximum output and efficiency — this circuit is also described as being one that will arrive with reduced power consumption. Specifically, it was said that this setup will use a switching converter called “Resonant Regulating Rectifier (3R).” This goes back to the reduced power consumption.

Basically, while we are seeing some details, aside from what we have here we are unsure what this will mean in terms of future announcements. We are hoping to see Samsung do a bit more with wireless charging, however whether or not this will bring anything in terms of a Galaxy S IV related announcement remains to be seen.

[via TechOn]