We still haven’t gotten over the newest device, the Galaxy S6, and yet speculation over next year’s flagship device of Samsung, logically the Galaxy S7, is already beginning. One of the things being talked about is the camera and the sensor that might be at a larger scale than previous devices. The trademark filed by Samsung last month may very well confirm this theory as the BRITECELL tech is pointing to that particular specification and direction.

Samsung filed a trademark in South Korea last month for something called BRITECELL, which is a new camera technology that might probably be used for the upcoming (and unconfirmed as of yet) Galaxy S7. At present, they already have Isocell sensors, launched back in 2013, for their cameras, so getting a new one is hinting at getting a better one for the new smartphone the is expected to be released by next year.

Rumor has it that Samsung has been developing its own 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2-inch sensor, which some may say is a big departure from the usual megapixel increasing cameras. The BRITECELL tech is similar to the sensor that Google has adapted for its two new Nexus smartphones. The description in the patent says that it’s an “image sensor for mobile phones” so that pretty much is self-explanatory.

While the new patent has all but confirmed that they are eventually planning to use a large sensor, but as to whether or not this will be used in the Galaxy S7 remains a mystery. They might also stick with a Sony sensor, but at least, if they already have the patent for BRITECELL, eventually we will see it in future smartphones.

VIA: SAM Mobile