As early as now, we can say a lot of things about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. It may be too early to tell but Samsung has this way of teasing and surprising the market. And besides, everyone loves rumors and early talks so we might as well join the conversation. Some of the information we already heard include the flagship phone will be launched by China Mobile in March 2016, it will have a pressure sensitive display, and it will be powered by a Qualcomm S820 processor.

The Galaxy S6 flagship phone isn’t as successful as the previous S models but it’s one great phone. It received lots of positive reviews apart from that negative feedback of having a non-removable battery and the high price tag. However, it remains to be the choice of those people still willing to pay for a premium quality ¬†Android smartphone that is not exactly from China. Then again, business is business and Samsung needs to make a lot of money.

Rumor has it that the South Korean giant is planning to deliver about five million units of the Galaxy S7 for its first batch. The S7 which is believed to be available in two variants: a 5.2-inch flat screen version and a bigger 5.5-inch with curved edges. Obviously, the two follow after the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge unveiled earlier this 2015.

The five millions units will actually be split: 1.6 million units of the edge phones and 3.3 million units for the basic, flat version. But unlike in the previous years, the new S7 variants are expected to be unveiled in February which is earlier. That means there won’t be a Mobile World Congress launch in March.

Everything is still unclear and unconfirmed so let’s just take this with a grain of salt, at least, for now.

VIA: Reuters