Buy One, Get One. BOGO. Buy One, Take One. However you want to call such deal, it will always be one attractive offer. We know this kind of deal is what most fans of Samsung have been waiting for from different mobile carriers. You see, it’s not only T-Mobile who offered BOGO promo last year for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as AT&T also did.

For this year’s Galaxy S8 flagship phones, Samsung is offering a deal that you can’t resist. Buy two Galaxy S8 or S8+ and then decide on a payment scheme. Choose your preferred term and wait for your phones to be handed or delivered to you. You may be having a hard time deciding whether to get that new phone but this BOGO offer may make you decide.

The Galaxy S8 is no doubt a great phone but as with any premium phones from the South Korean tech giant, it is still very expensive. It may be worth the price but there are other phones with almost the same specs but for half of the price. In the United States, Samsung is launching this BOGO deal. You only need to pay the price of one and get two devices. You can also get a combination of the S8 and S8+ if you want. There is just one catch: you need to activate on T-Mobile USA.

With this deal, Samsung is also adding two Entertainment Kits—Samsung 64GB MicroSD EVO + memory card and one Clear View case. Samsung is also throwing in free 6-month Netflix subscription.

Once activated on the carrier, Samsung will then refund up to $750. There won’t be any preloaded credit cards or rebate vouchers. Samsung appears to be generous in offering this deal because it is easy and straightforward unlike those from other carriers.

VIA: SlashGear