Samsung is aiming to open their first actual brick and mortar retail store later this summer in Canada. It appears that Samsung will be opening up shop in Burnaby, British Columbia and like stores such as Apple will have an extensive set of demonstrations and hands-on booths for many of their top selling products.

Samsung currently has a few stores in their home country of South Korea, and many other parts of the world, including a few in NYC but this will be their first shop to open the doors for the folks up in Canada. The Newswire press release gave away a few of the details we can expect such as educational programs and more. Here’s what Samsung Canada’s president had to say:

“Samsung is excited to bring a new level of retail experience to Canadians,” said James Politeski, President of Samsung Electronics Canada. “Our vision is to provide an immersive space where consumers can interact with our products in totally new ways and enjoy unprecedented service levels.”

Like like some of their competition Samsung will have multiple booths for hands-on time with their products, demonstrations, an “in-store education center” including a “smart table technology” area and more. It’s one thing to see a device on TV, or from reviewers such as myself but being able to walk in and get the full experience without a Verizon rep trying to make a deal would surely help their cause. Samsung is dominating the Android mobile market and appears to be showing no signs of slowing down.

Have you been to a Samsung Store? Can they compete with the large Apple stores worldwide?

[via Mobile Syrup]