One of the biggest tech stories of 2016 was one we didn’t like to have – it was the tale of the doomed Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It started with an incident or two, but it became quite ugly for the Korean gadget giant as report upon report was published and Note 7 exploding like fireworks all over the world. Hopefully, we’re putting that story in the back-burner now that Samsung has reportedly finished its investigations.

Initially, Samsung had pinpointed the battery as the culprit of the issue – with the blame set firmly on the battery supplier. As it later turned out, even the replacement Galaxy Note 7’s had the same problem, even with a different battery, and Samsung struggled to find the exact cause of the issue. That said, the company made a commitment to investigate the issue and publish the cause by end of year. It seems that the Korean manufacturer will be able to fulfill that promise.

The internal investigation is apparently finished and Samsung has sent their findings to the Korea Testing Laboratory and UL (an American safety organization). The report is yet to be released to the general public, but it is possible that they just want to verify their findings with third-party sources before making the information known.

There are reports from third-party sources that it was the “aggressive” design of the Note 7 that caused the issue to begin with. For us, we’d like to give Samsung the time of day to share what they’ve found out. Given that we’re at the last month of the year, we probably won’t need to wait too long for the official statement.

VIA: The Investor