Now that Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, we’re curious to know how the phones will fare against the competition aka LG G5. The new G phone from the other South Korean tech giant is its closest rival but it can also be compared against the new Xperia X as Sony’s latest flagship phone. In fact, we’ve already compared the three in a separate feature.

We noted how the three smartphones have mostly the same features: microSD card slot for memory expansion, minimum of 32GB built-in storage, and fingerprint security sensor. Premium Xperia phones always had IP68 water and dust resistance rating but Samsung got it this year compared to the previous model. As for the LG G5, it’s not waterproof yet but the modular design makes it a unique device.

Samsung has published three ads showcasing the wonders of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The first video below shows several people asking why can’t their phones do this, that, or last as long. Obviously, the answers to those questions are what the new smartphones can offer including Samsung Pay, a bigger screen, longer battery life, more memory, high quality low light camera, waterproof, VR machine, and quick call from a compatible smartwatch. William H. Macy seems to be perfect for the commercial.

This next video tells us the importance of water whether on the planet, inside your body, outside your body washing away dirt, or filling up a bed mattress. It’s just a one-minute video but Samsung managed to squeeze in a lot of information about the benefits of water and its many uses in our daily lives. Water and phone are two of the most important things people can’t live without so there’s no reason why you can’t have a phone that can’t get wet.

All the best stuff happens in the dark. People look better and younger in the dark according to Samsung. Everything is more fun in the dark so again, there’s no reason why you can’t capture all those good memories. Watch the video below and I know you will agree with Samsung.

SOURCE: Samsung Mobile USA