On the heels of a recent investment into a company that is working on a certain type of wireless charging, Samsung is reportedly set to make the technology available on their devices, starting next year. By including magnetic resonance technology, Samsung could allow your device to charge in just about any scenario.

The wireless charging we currently take advantage of on most mobile devices is Qi charging, which requires a docking station or charging pad. Your device must maintain contact with the pad, but doesn’t require any plugs or connections. We’ve seen a form of wireless charging that creates a small field on top of Qi charging, but magnetic resonance is a bit different.

While all wireless charging operates in the same fashion — creating a field of power — magnetic resonance essentially creates a larger field, allowing for your devices to charge without actually needing to come into contact with anything. Magnetic resonance also has the ability to transmit power through solid objects like tables or walls.

The upside is huge, as it could theoretically create a power grid throughout a room, office, car, or even building. The downside is that the safety implications are unknown, and wireless charging is still searching for a standard. With differing technologies and various companies backing them, the wireless charging situation is still taking shape. Samsung happens to have a stake in just about every consortium, technology, and company around, so they may just be a good barometer for how things will take shape with wireless charging.


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