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Samsung officially terminates collaboration with Supreme Italia


It took them more than a month to finally make a decision but Samsung has now officially terminated its supposed collaboration with Supreme Italia, considered a fake version of the Supreme brand from New York City. The Korean OEM was heavily criticized when they initially announced the partnership last December as the Italian brand has been embroiled in a battle as they have heavily rip-off the red Supreme brand even though they won a legal case to use the brand name at least in Italy.

In a post in Chinese social media site Weibo, Samsung Electronics has “decided to terminate this collaboration”, referring to the one announced with Supreme Italia for the Galaxy A8s launch in China last December. Initially, they were just re-evaluating their “cooperation” with the brand after people called them out for working with a company that is infamous for ripping off the design and actual name of the popular skate deck and accessory brand with its red box logo.

When the partnership was first announced, Samsung helped perpetuate the idea that it was the actual Supreme brand they were partnering with. This caused the New York company to make an official statement that they do not have a partnership with Samsung and that they are not opening retail stores in China, as per the PR of the collaboration.

It’s a bit confusing that Supreme Italia is still allowed to function as they are. This is because they won a court case that allowed them to use the brand name in Italy. They were planning to expand their market to China and this partnership with Samsung as they launched their new mid-tier device was supposed to open doors for them.

Well, those doors are now officially shut but there’s no word yet if this is the last we’ll hear from the “legal rip-off” brand. As for Samsung, hopefully, they’ll be more careful as to their next brand partnerships.

VIA: Weibo