It’s not enough that Samsung recently released the Level U and the Level U Pro wireless earphones. They needed to bring you something that has even better features, if you don’t like the ambient noise around you interrupting your music listening. The new Level U Pro ANC headset has the same qualities that you enjoy from the Level U line, but this time with active noise cancellation features. That’s what the ANC stands for, if you didn’t get it yet.

You are able to get studio-quality sound from these earphones not just because of the ANC tech but also because of its two-way speakers, a 13mm dynamic speaker and a 13mm piezo speaker. It also has two external microphones that picks up the noise around you, analyzes it, then creates inverted sound waves to cancel out the noise going back into your ears. This system reduces to 20 decibels the noise around you and increases the ANC to 90% effectivity.


The Level U Pro ANC is splash and sweat resistant so you don’t need to worry when you’re working out and sweating up a storm. It has an ergonomic neckband which we’ve come to appreciate from the Level U earphones we’ve seen in the past. It still has the controller which you can use to answer calls, adjust the volume, and play and pause and skip tracks. You also get hybrid canal eartips so it’s always comfortable, even when you wear them for a long time. Plus, if you’re not using the earphones, it has a magnetic clasp so you can just keep them around your neck without them getting tangled.


You can also use the Level App so you can control more of the features, like using S Voice, Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology for your notifications, plus other things you’d like to control. The Level U Pro ANC will be available this month in the US and then later on Europe, Russia, and Korea but no news yet on its SRP.

SOURCE: Samsung