One of the new things that Samsung introduced to their current flagship, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, was something that benefited those who love (are obsessed with) mobile gaming. The Game Launcher and Game Tools helped them manage and customize their gaming experience better, and now these two are also being made available in the Galaxy Apps Store for last year’s flagships, the Galaxy S6 (including Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge+) and the Galaxy Note 5.

The Game Launcher is basically a space where you can see all the games that you’ve installed in your smartphone so you can have easier access to them. Game Tools meanwhile adds more functionality and customization to your mobile gaming, like letting you record your gameplay, blocking all notifications when you’re playing so as not to be interrupted, and locking the capacitive touch keys so you won’t accidentally do something you’re not supposed to while playing because of said keys.

The Galaxy S6 lineup and the Galaxy Note 5 will be able to download the Game Launcher from the Galaxy Apps Store. As for the Game Tools, you will be able to get it from within the Game Launcher and you will have to restart the device. You will also be able to access the Game Tuner from within the Launcher, so you can reduce a game’s frame rate and resolution so you can increase the performance and also save up on your battery life.

The Game Launcher is also rumored to be receiving a major update in the next few months. It will bring several new features like manual game sorting and sharing of gameplay videos which a lot of people love doing lately. No timeframe yet on when this update will be coming.

VIA: SAM Mobile