This past Friday night, on the sci-fi series “Fringe,” a Samsung Galaxy Tab made an appearance. It was towards the end of the episode entitled “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.” The character of Walter Bishop has just lost his best friend for good and is brooding in his office. Then the character Astrid shows up with an offering to cheer him up.

“The Sprint product placement on Fringe is a bit heavy-handed. But I guess noticing that means it works?” Via Tweet

Astrid is Walter’s assistant and caretaker when his son Peter isn’t around. She brings him a meal and then holds up the Galaxy Tab, looks like the 8.9″ I think, as it would be silly to show last year’s model. Anyway, she holds it up to display a video screen and says “I downloaded Zoom for you. I can watch it with you if you like.”

But not even the Galaxy Tab can shake Walter out of his funk. Perhaps if she had tried the Motorola XOOM, all that Honeycomb dripping sweetly on the screen would’ve helped. Anyway, it’s just a example of how sponsors are going the extra mile to show their wares on popular television. And Fringe is almost always got a new gadget they’re showing off, including the iPhone 4 doing Facetime, the HTC Evo 4g running Qik, and several other tablets acting as medical monitors.

Have you seen any? Drop a note in the comments section below. Meanwhile, check out that episode of Fringe in the link above.

[via Brandspotters]