Samsung is still on a roll with the release dates for their tablet device, the Galaxy Tab. While it’s interesting enough to see where the tablet will pop up next, half of the fun comes in the fact that it looks like carriers are perfectly complacent pricing the device however they see fit. For example, Bell Mobility is the next carrier to launch the device, and they are doing some pretty interesting things with the pricing.

While the $599.95 price tag may make more sense when you find out that Bell Mobility is doing this for a postpaid plan, it still gets confusing when you think about the fact that the carrier is offering the tablet for $649.95 up-front, when you do opt-in for a postpaid, rather than prepaid. Basically, you’ll have to pay more, right up front, if you want to sign a contract with the carrier to get the Tab.

Data wise, you’ll be paying the same, no matter if you go pre- or postpaid. $20 per month will get you 500MB of data per month, and if you opt for the $35 plan, you’ll have access to 5GB of data per month.

[via IntoMobile]