Less than a week before the official unveiling and Samsung fans are excited to know when the Galaxy S8 will be up for pre-order and then released in the market. We were told it will be released April 21 after the April 10 pre-order. We know it will be announced on March 29 and we just heard a new rumor that will also be ready for pre-sale on the same day, at least, in the Netherlands.

AndroidWorld, a Dutch website, has published an exclusive report saying the phone will be available in the country and in Belgium around the same time. There is no confirmation yet but we won’t be surprised if it actually happens. We’re also guessing the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ will be released in South Korea at launch or the following week April 7.

As for the pricing, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ could be €799 ($863) and €899 ($972). The rest of Europe may accept pre-orders right after the official announcement on March 29.

The anticipation is building up. Samsung released the UNPACKED 2017 app for everyone. There may be a 3-month refund policy and more 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and more Exynos variants may ship as the main model. There are too many images and rumors leaked but we’re delighted to know there may be more colors available and that it will have a high-speed camera sensor. Let’s wait and see. D-Day is sooner than soon.

VIA: Android World