It hasn’t yet reached the market but if these numbers are to be believed (and converted to actual sales), then the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is already beating records set by previous flagships. There have already been 550,000 pre-orders in 2 days and those are just from South Korea alone. The smartphone has been receiving pretty good reviews but we still don’t know if it will be enough sales to redeem the brand after the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

From April 7 to 8, around 550,000 units of the Galaxy S8 were pre-ordered beating the record that the Galaxy S7 set the previous year. The latter has had the highest sales from the flagships with 49 million units sold. Samsung is probably hoping that the Galaxy S8 will also beat the sales record, because pre-orders don’t always translate to sales after all. The preorders include names and contact information given to cellphone retail stores in advance.

Probably one of the reasons for the high interest in the device is the huge marketing campaign that Samsung and its partners have created, including the country’s top three mobile carriers, mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), airlines, and even games. They have been giving free gifts like accessories and speakers, and other specialized programs.

The bigger question is if they will be able to translate all of these to sales because at the end of the day, those are the figures that matters. We are also waiting to see if the excitement will also carry over to the other markets like North America, Europe, and other Asian countries.

VIA: Business Korea