The last time that Samsung tied up with a huge movie franchise, it was with Disney’s Iron Man for its Galaxy S6 back in 2015. You would think that for their newest flagship, they would do something with Spiderman or with Thor as they both have upcoming movies. Instead, the Galaxy S8 now has a variant featuring another upcoming release from a long-running, but one which people aren’t really clamoring about: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The Iron Man variant a couple of years ago had several features different from the original, but this time around, you get the same regular Samsung Galaxy S8, except that it is just packaged beautifully and it comes with a smart case where the Pirates design comes in. But you will also have access to a custom pirate-themed UI which is automatically applied when you put on the smartphone case through its NFC chip inside.

The box where the Galaxy S8 will be in will of course be all Caribbean themed, including a gold ring which may or may not be fake (but probably is). We’re not sure if the wireless charger shown in the pictures is also included or if it’s something you will have to buy separately.

The images were posted on China’s main online hub, Weibo, so it will probably be released there in time for the movie’s opening. It will cost almost the same as the regular Galaxy S8 with the addition of around 300 yuan (about $44). No news yet if it will be available in other markets as well.