The gateway to tweaking your Android device’s software is almost always gaining root access to the device. So for the newer models, those with the itch to tweak are always waiting for the time root access is gained. That time has apparently arrived for the popular Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge US variants, but stability of the root method is still in question.

The root method was apparently intended for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge from AT&T (SM-G935A) although there are now confirmations of the method also working for the non-edge model, and also for both variants from T-Mobile. Some people are saying it should work for the other carriers’ models as well, but that’s still unconfirmed as of the moment. And before you ask, no, there is still no bootloader unlock method as of this time.

The root method requires that you flash an “engineered” boot image to the device, and even then it will only be successful if you use a special version of the Odin flashing tool. All of you who own Samsung devices and have tried tweaks before should be familiar with what Odin is. If you want more details on the method, check out the official XDA threads here and here.

We probably don’t need to remind you, but we’re doing so just the same – gaining root access will most likely trip your Knox security and disable your device from using either Android Pay or Samsung Pay. That’s one price you have to pay for having root, but just the same, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

VIA: GSM Arena