The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is almost over and we are only anticipating for the coming of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and even the recently confirmed Galaxy Note 8. Samsung execs may still not be prepared to take a break as new complains are being reported. Enough of device overheating and battery exploding, Samsung has already identified the cause and has learned its lessons. For now, let us focus on this new problem that Galaxy S7 Edge users are complaining about.

Reportedly, there are a lot of users complaining about a vertical pink line on the screen. This doesn’t look isolated because there have been similar reports shared on different forums. Most problems were shared on the official Samsung forums but the South Korean tech giant hasn’t formally acknowledged the issue yet. There’s one reply by an employee that said phones must be evaluated. Samsung can do that but it will mean your device will be out of your hands.

Temporary fixes were also recently shared including ’resetting’ the display and the colors Red, Green and Blue. Light pressing on the top of the screen may also be a quick fix. Interestingly and perhaps to initially solve this problem, Samsung Benelux has just said it may have something to do with a cracked screen. We know it’s not always the case because some screens don’t have any crack. At least it’s clear now that the vertical pink line issue can be fixed if your device is still under warranty.

VIA: myce