Samsung has announced the availability of KNOX 2.0 on the Galaxy S5. Samsung KNOX, as many will remember, is a security setup aimed at the bring-you-own-device (BYOD) crowd. Samsung touts KNOX 2.0 as offering cutting-edge core platform security, an improved user experience and expanding ecosystem.

KNOX 2.0 contains KNOX Workspace (the core security platform and app container) as well as EMM, Marketplace and Customization. The bit about the cutting-edge core platform security includes how Workplace protects everything on the device from the kernel to the apps. Some of the highlights include TrustZone-Protected Certificate Management, KNOX Key Store and Real-Time Protection for System Integrity.

The user experience aspect touched on everything from split-billing which allows carriers to separate bills for personal-use and professional-use apps, to support for all apps available from the Google Play Store. And as one may expect and/or hope to see from a device with a fingerprint scanner — KNOX 2.0 will make use of that technology on the Galaxy S5.

As mentioned, KNOX 2.0 is currently available for the Galaxy S5. Samsung has yet to provide anything specific in terms of a timeline, however they have said this would be “available on other Samsung Galaxy devices through OS upgrades in the coming months.” Bottom line here, the Galaxy S5 is now a bit friendlier for the BYOD crowd.

SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow