Yesterday I mentioned that there was a new hack that had been unveiled for the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone that wasn’t quite ready for the masses. The hack took the standard video capability of the Galaxy S II and gave the smartphone 1080p 24Mbit/s capability with 44.1khz/192kbps audio. The developer of that hack was hyperX. HyperX has now teamed up with a developer at XDA-developers called potatoman to develop an even better hack.

The new hack takes that 24Mbit/s video from yesterday and turns it up a notch with 30Mbit/s Super fine 1080p HD at 30 fps with 48Khz/192kbps audio. The new hack has some other options for the video settings as well. In addition to the new 30Mbit mode, the hack also offers access to the 24Mbit fine mode we talked about yesterday.

Users can also opt for 17Mbit normal mode. All of the available modes use the same sound quality. Apparently, another version of the hack keeps the sound standard and just ups the video quality. Potatoman and hyperX say that they will work together on more hacks for the GSII in the future. There is no word on when this mod will be ready for the masses.

[via SlashGear]