SO you’ve got to be wild and crazy to be an unboxer- a professional unboxer will go to ANY length to get that fabulous unboxing video, and this is absolUTELY the best way to prove that. We’ve got a whole sack full of top-tier sites unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S II whilst doing insanely extreme sports of all sorts. From a rally car to a high drop to a rollercoaster, all of it wild and crazy. The idea here is that everyone understands that the Galaxy S II is EXTREME!

What we’ve got here is everyone from a series of six sites thought worthy enough to do some set of oddities to get the unboxing video of our greatest dreams. Our hero is Chris Davies, as you’ll see in the last video, who is rolling out in a sweet ol’ rally car as he lists off the details of the phone like a PRO. This is the ultimate test of a publisher, in my opinion, and I’d love for you to prove me wrong. Good luck!

Oh my goodness what a rush! I don’t think I could stand up to such pressure. Maybe if they had me doing it while dodging trains or going down a hill on some skateboard snowboards or something – nah! I’ll stay here at the desk.