There were certainly those that had little faith in how well a device such as the Samsung Galaxy Note would sell, especially with the many other screen sizes currently available on the market. Nevertheless, we can now say that the Note has done better than expected. It had shipped 1 million units after two months, and has now hit 2 million after four months.

Bear in mind, these are just units shipped and not units sold. It is no where near the 20 million Galaxy S II devices they managed to ship in 9 months, so it’s safe to say the Note appeals to a more particular market rather than the average individual. But more importantly, its innovation has compelled other manufacturers to follow suit, and produce their own 5-inch+ devices. Heck, it’s hard to believe the stylus has made such a quick comeback.

We recently had some hands-on time with the larger 10.1 version of the Galaxy Note. It looked practically identical to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 2, and did not have the ability to dial out like a cellphone. Yet, the improved pressure sensitive digitizer makes using the pen more enjoyable. It’s tough to say how well this other Note is going to do, but we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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