If you’re the kind of person who’s extremely excited about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and you would like something to tide you over until its official launch, then you’d might want to download this latest leak about the phablet. Someone has kindly leaked the wallpapers of the device ahead of its official launch on August 2 and if you like collecting them before the smartphone is even out, then this should make you happy.

There have been a lot of leaks and rumors floating around about the Galaxy Note 7. For one, it is rumored to be coming with an iris scanner so you should have another way of unlocking or accessing locked apps and accounts, but supposedly, it will not work for those wearing contacts or eyeglasses. There will also supposedly be new features for the S Pen, including the S Pen Air Command for the usual Action Memo, Screen Write, S Note, and Smart Select. We don’t know what a “Glance” will do but it’s supposedly a new feature, as well as a built-in GIF maker.

The leaked wallpapers don’t really reveal anything new about the Galaxy Note 7. You’ve probably seen the S Pen themed images previously, which may mean that the S Pen will play a huge role in the phablet. Well, it’s always been a huge attraction, but maybe more so with this new one. The other new wallpapers have a pastel geometric design which are pretty enough but not something to be excite about, unless you really love wallpapers.

August 2 is the date that Samsung fans will be waiting for as the Galaxy Note 7 will be unveiled. And yes, they did skip a number, probably in order to avoid confusion with the flagship numbering as well.

VIA: Android Authority