The Galaxy Note 7 will be available not only in South Korea and the United States but also in most countries. The international release is anticipated especially in Europe where no Note found its way until earlier this year. We never really expected release and availability in the US and Europe will happen at the same time but at least the phablet will come sooner in both regions.

In the US, you can now pre-order for the Note 7. Pre-order started August 3 and phone will be delivered from August 19 onwards. Meanwhile in Europe, you will be able to place order beginning August 16. You may have to wait for September 2 for the delivery of the £699 Note 7. Units will also be available in stores, off the shelves on the same day.

This is good news already despite the delay because the previous Note 5 wasn’t even released in the continent last year. It was only early in 2016 that the phablet was made available. Right now, we know the Galaxy Note 7 will be available from at least one retailer with a £699 price tag. That’s pricey but then again that’s expected from any premium flagship from the South Korean tech giant.

Like in the United States, the Galaxy Note 7 will be offered with freebies in Europe but instead of a Gear Fit2, the smartphone will come with either a free GearVR or a 256GB microSD card.