We have yet to do a comprehensive review and analysis of the Galaxy Note 7 but for now, we’ll be content in our first hands-on feature and reading about the new phablet. After months of all those rumors and speculations, we already know that there is indeed no flat variant. Well, the device isn’t fully curved, just slightly curved, so the display makes it a “non-flat” variant which is a first for a Samsung Galaxy Note.

We said that the phone is one solid device and Samsung seems to be taking its sweet time. It’s not really a big leap from the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge but it can be a worthy upgrade. The updated S Pen is better as it can be used even under water or wet. If you’re still not convinced about the Note 7, then maybe the new Power Saving Mode and the blue light filter will.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a special Power Saving Mode that allows mobile users to save battery by adjusting display resolution. The idea is nothing new, really, but what makes Samsung’s different is that the Power Saving Mode is categorized into three: Off, Mid, and Max. Using any of these modes can help save up to 35 hours of battery as background network usage is prevented and device performance is also restricted. One can also set a maximum screen brightness.

The Off Mode doesn’t use up any power for standard tasks while in Mid mode, resolution may go down to FHD 1080p from the stunning Quad HD, although you may not really notice it. The Max mode allows you to set resolution to 720p (HD), disable animations, reduce CPU speed, and shut off network usage as needed.

Another important feature is the blue light filter that reduces eye strain. Any Note 7 user will be able to control exposure to such light that may be harmful in excess. This new option can be found in the display settings–choose the blue light filter. It’s something similar to the basic Android Nougat blue light filter.

There may be similar third-party apps that work as a blue light filter but the Note 7 getting it as a native feature may mean that future phones can have it. Such filter isn’t difficult to develop or add to any phone system so we’re hoping other OEMs will soon follow. Blue light exposure may be harmful so we hope the Galaxy Note 7 already solves this particular problem.