As we near the launch date for Samsung’s newest flagship, getting information and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to be a regular occurrence now. We got news on the pricing, some information on the battery life, and the existence of a Galaxy S7 Edge model. Now we get this new one, with Samsung apparently filing for trademark on a feature called “Always On Display”, which could possibly be part of the Galaxy S7’s features.

The image below tells you one thing – Samsung wants to own the trademark for the term “Always On Display”. It’s a pretty vague term, to say the least – but it wants to own it in the domain that matters to us, in mobile phones and tablets. It’s still not clear whether the trademark application will be granted to Samsung, but filing for owning it tells us that the Korean gadget giant is working on such a feature.


What could it be? Well, we can deduce as much as we want. Samsung is famous for its AMOLED display technology, which does not use any power when the screen does not show anything. It basically turns off the LED to display the black color – this is why a black wallpaper is great battery saving for a phone with an AMOLED screen. So it’s not a stretch of imagination to get a feature where the phone’s screen is perpetually displaying something small, like time or date or anything like that – on a black background, it would still eat up very little power.

Of course, having this for the Galaxy S7 is pure assumption on our part, but it might just happen. There is a slim chance we might see it on the new flagship, and perhaps in future devices from Samsung. It won’t be long now.

Thanks for the tip, Michel!