The Amazon Echo has been a pretty good Bluetooth internet-connected speaker, both critically and sales-wise, so it’s no surprise that other OEMs will try to replicate their success. Both Google and Apple are reportedly hard at work creating their own devices. But a leaked FCC filing shows that Samsung also wants to get it on the action. They have reportedly filed for a patent for something called the Samsung Scoop, and it’s definitely not something you’ll use in the kitchen, unless it’s to play music or recite a recipe to you.

It is probably codenamed Scoop in its FCC filing because it somehow resembles an actual scoop (but bigger). It is supposedly smaller than the Amazon Echo and the other rumored project, the Google Home speakers. It will have a 3.5mm input jack (in case you don’t want to connect it through Bluetooth), a micro USB charging port, a microphone so it can receive commands/requests from you, and a leather strap to carry it around that may have also been the reason for the name, because the strap makes it look like a scoop.


The device will also supposedly come with a power button, a play button, and volume buttons on the side. The play button will also act as the Bluetooth pairing button when you want to connect it to your smartphone to play stuff. There wasn’t any mention of battery capacity, but it probably is not that big since the device is relatively small. Or Samsung might surprise us and have this speaker last the whole day or two.


There is no other news as to when we can expect the Samsung Scoop, if that will even be its final name. In fact, since it’s still an FCC filing, we don’t know if it will even see the light of day.

VIA: AusDroid