Samsung has been busy preparing for the Galaxy S8’s unveiling. We just downloaded the Unpacked 2017 app from the Play Store and we’re counting the days until March 29 (March 30 in South Korea) for the official announcement. The Bixby was already introduced ahead and we noted how it could take on Siri and the Google Assistant.

We also said that more 5.8-inch models and Exynos variants will be made compared to the bigger and Snapdragon-powered phones. Samsung has more in store for the remaining fans and we’ll know for sure once the S8 and S8+ are listed for pre-order and finally released in the market.

Samsung is changing marketing strategies especially after the Note 7 fiasco. We said it may introduce only one flagship phone but as you know, there will be a Note 8.

A marketing guarantee is now being reviewed by Samsung. The no-refund after 3 months may be changed. We’re clueless as to how Samsung will advertise the Galaxy S8 but the posted above tells us another “out of this world” experience. You can say it’s “galactic” given the huge expectations we have from the tech giant.

The 3-month guarantee (refund policy) may give users the freedom and time to test if they want the Galaxy S8. If after three months they are not satisfied, they can just return the phone. This marketing strategy may save the company from further problems if and when some features or issues go downhill.

Nothing is final yet so let’s take everything with a grain of salt. We’re crossing our fingers that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be successful this year.

VIA: ChosunBiz