After a bigtime tease and upset yesterday, it appears that owners of the Samsung Captivate will be getting a taste of the frozen one tomorrow. Yesterday had a rescinded webpage from Samsung, but last week there was word from AT&T that Froyo would be coming this week. Currently the news is coming from AT&T’s official Facebook page that indeed the Android 2.2 update will be coming soon, for real, as in so soon you’ll start seeing it tomorrow.

Along with this comes a torrent of people having heart attacks that their X10s and their Dell Streaks were left out in the cold and that they’d be switching to new carriers if AT&T didn’t give them their ransom money. BUT AT&T did provide this fun video made with Android Senior Project Manager Dante Martin – he answers some questions on updates and speaks on none other than the Aria and how it’ll be functioning in the near and far future. Have a peek:

AT&T notes that the Aria will be getting Froyo “very soon” and that Motorola needs development time between the release of a new Android version and the release for each phone in addition to testing by AT&T (or whichever carrier we’re dealing with) – this is the reason why your skin is falling off while you’re waiting for updates. Of course if you’re a part of the hacker community, you’ll be getting these updates much sooner than official – have at it!