Health-conscious (and hypochondriac) people, listen up! If you have a Samsung device, scheduling doctor’s appointments and looking for quick medical solutions might become easier, if rumors are to be believed. The latest news going around is that the S Health app will undergo a major update and part of it would be integrating such apps like Web MD and Amwell to make it easier for you to access your doctor as well as a whole database of medical information, all from the app itself.

The S Health app has been competing with the likes of Apple Health and Google Fit among others, and so there is a need to constantly improve its services. We’ve seen them add gamification features to appeal those to the more competitive, social features for those who are more, well, social, and integrate with other fitness apps like Fitbit, Jawbone, Strava, etc. Now it seems like they will be adding even more integrated apps to the lineup, with the likes of Web MD and Amwell.

These new integrations will let you search for symptoms, diseases, and medicine information, in case you need a quick diagnosis and even solution for minor medical things. Of course, actually visiting a doctor should still be the priority but this may just be a stop gap. And speaking of visiting doctors, it is rumored that S Health will soon allow you to make online appointments with affiliated doctors and even pay their fees through the app. You may also get a list of nearby pharmacy stores for your medicinal needs and even call 911 from within the app.

Of course all these are still just rumors, but this may help S Health stand out from the competition. The major update may come out with the upcoming new flagship, the Galaxy S8.

VIA: SAM Mobile