The high-speed action racing game from Vector Unit is back and better than ever. If you’re a fan of the classic Riptide GP water game, then you’ll be happy to hear that today the developers have released a completely overhauled, new and improved, Riptide GP2 to the Google Play Store and NVIDIA TegraZone. Below we have plenty of pictures and video of this stellar game on our Tegra 4 powered NVIDIA SHIELD, so check it out.

High speed Jet-ski action doesn’t get any better than this. The original was one of our favorite games used to test performance of multiple devices, not to mention just as something I enjoyed playing on the weekends. Riptide GP2 offers more of the same, only better in every way.

The extremely fun and simple gameplay mechanics from the original are back with Riptide GP2, only being able to enjoy those stunning graphics and lifelike water effects on a Tegra 4 device makes it even better. Then of course using console-quality controls on the SHIELD makes it feel more like a console game and improves the overall experience, but tablets and smartphones will surely enjoy this game as well. Before we talk too much, check out the hands-on video playing RGP2 on our SHIELD.

As our man Chris Burns mentions above, the game has a very similar look and feel to the original. Which certainly isn’t a bad thing. However the lighting, textures, physics, water physics, and even depth-of-field have all been seriously overhauled here by Vector Unit. Not only do we have high-res textures for all these 1080p devices as of late, but the dynamic lighting, and real-time shadows are stellar. Then everything just looks nice and crisp, yet the game still runs extremely smooth.


The game isn’t just prettier either, they’ve enhanced every aspect. We have full online multiplayer modes, a new career mode, 9 different jet racers that are highly upgradable, 25 different tricks and stunts, and full support for Google Play Games services. That means leaderboards, achievements, inviting friends to your races and much more.

The game is just a blast. It reminds me more of Jet Moto now than ever before, which is awesome, and is sure to be a classic title moving forward on all Android devices. The Tegra 4 edition will give you the best graphics and experience, but it supports nearly all newer devices and is available right this minute for $2.99 in the Play Store and Tegra links below. Enjoy!

SOURCE: Play Store, TegraZone