A new kickstarter promises a screen protector that will protect your smartphone or tablet from having its screen cracked. Whether you drop your device, or smash it with a hammer, the new Rhino Shield will keep your screen from shattering. The developers of Rhino Shield promises their product will offer your phone more protection than Gorilla Glass, which many of us know isn’t shatter-proof.

The Rhino Shield is a polymer that has extreme impact absorption while boasting excellent transparency. There are a total of 6 layers to the screen protector. There is an oil repelling layer, scratch-resistance layer, impact dispersion layer, impact damping layer, high strength layer, and an adhesive layer. The shock-absorbing and impact layers will protect your device from various instances, such as when you drop your phone… or throw it against a wall out of anger. The scratch-resistant layer will help protect your device from accidental scratches, whether they come from your keys or from the claws of your pets.

The Rhino Shield does look like an all-in-one screen protector. It protects your phone from all the great dangers a mobile device can encounter, and also provides the basic qualities of a screen-protector, like fingerprint resistance. It’s probably a God send for those of you who seem to possess butter fingers.

The Rhino Shield group hopes to raise £50,000 by March 13th. So far it has reached nearly £2,500. If you pledge £12 (or around $16), you can get a Rhino Shield for a variety of popular devices including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, iPhone 5, HTC DROID DNA, and more. The pledge prices increase depending on the size of device you want to protect. If this at all interests you, check the Rhino Shield out.

[via Kickstarter]